Viagra today, perhaps, one of the most known drugs. And those who never needed it know about this preparation even. It even became a part of jokes and jokes. But if to reflect, it will appear that only small percent of people is rather well informed on Viagra. This article will help you to understand that really is the truth and that already became the myth for all these years medicine advertizing Sildenafil to the Pfizer company with customarier trading name "Viagra".

MYTH: erektilnaja dysfunction in many respects depends on a psychological component and waitings of the man.

The FACT: It would be desirable to believe that this problem can be cured heart-felt talks to the sexopathologist. However clinical tests suggest otherwise — the reason эректильной dysfunctions all the same are physical problems. They can be various: a diabetes, the raised arterial pressure, high level of cholesterol and some other indications. The appearance reason эректильной dysfunctions can become and stresses. If dysfunction first signs have already appeared, it is necessary to refuse alcohol and smoking because bad habits only aggravate disease development.


MYTH: Why Viagra for sale if problems with sexual life at me appear occasionally, and erektilny dysfunction for me — it only any medical term is necessary to me.
FACT: To think that rare problems — it not problems — is wrong. Unfortunately, even temporal deviations from norm are eriktilny dysfunction. In practice, from only 2 to 5 men from 10, suffering this disease, really have problems with an erection. Viagra allows not to think each time of quality of an erection, she guarantees appearance of a steady erection despite the fact that, whether your problems are temporal or constant. Already more than 20 million men checked on themselves high-quality action of this preparation.